MF Softboards Introduces the First Level One Certified Softboard in Collaboration with Sustainable Surf's – ECOBOARD Project program.

MF Softboards, in collaboration with Sustainable Surf's ECOBOARD Project, is proud to announce the launch of the Little Marley and Beastie softboard models, the first-ever Level One certified softboards to hit the market. These boards offer high-performance capabilities while significantly reducing their environmental impact.

The ECOBOARD Project empowers the board-riding community to build, buy, and ride high-performance, sustainable surfboards. By using more-sustainable materials and adopting manufacturing processes that reduce waste, verified ECOBOARDs help minimize environmental and toxic impacts typically associated with traditional surfboard manufacturing. 

The ECOBOARD Project’s ‘Level One’ destination signifies that a surfboard has met a specific criteria for reducing its environmental footprint, based on the use of an approved resin - or - an approved core. These approved more-sustainable resins and cores include the documented and verified use of renewable, recycled, or up-cycled materials.

3 x World Champion Mick Fanning first encountered these more-sustainable materials in 2018 when he was the test-pilot for the “ecoboard-only episode” of the ‘Stab in the Dark’ surfboard series, and impressed with their technical performance, he looked for an opportunity to one day incorporate them into his own quiver.

That day has come - as the MF Little Marley and MF Beasty softboards now qualify for Level One designation due to the use of Sicomin's bio-based epoxy resin system, which boasts an impressive 35% bio-carbon content, that helps to measurably reduce the board’s carbon footprint. Other sustainable materials used include a 50% recycled plastic bottom slick material and a molded Super EPS foam core. Surfers can now enjoy the exceptional performance and versatility of these softboards while making a conscious choice to reduce their environmental impact, and contribute to a more sustainable future for the planet.

“I'm stoked to introduce a real game-changer in the world of surfing - the first ever softboard that has been certified Level One ECOBOARD by Sustainable Surf. These boards are designed for all skill levels, ensuring that everyone from beginners to seasoned surfers can make a conscious purchasing decision without compromising on quality.” 3 x world champion Mick Fanning

To date, over 500,000 verified ECOBOARDs have been produced in partnership with 100+ leading global surf brands. Based on the findings from the world’s first holistic Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) study of a modern surfboard, the ECOBOARD Project has approved over 20 different materials that board builders can utilize to create their own verified ECOBOARDs, which show a measurable reduction in environmental impacts.

“We are proud to partner with Mick and his team at MF Softboards, because the simple act of choosing a more sustainable board can be an easy on-ramp for anyone toward living a more sustainable, ocean-friendly life,” says Michael Stewart, Co-founder Sustainable Surf. 

 “We created the ECOBOARD Project as a unique program to help engage and educate individuals about the environmental impacts and positive solutions related to their surfing lifestyles, as seen through the lens of their surfboard.” Says Michael, “In short, if we can help surfers begin to clean up their quivers, it can lead to bigger lifestyle changes that are healthier for our shared ocean planet.” 

About Sustainable Surf's ECOBOARD Project

The ECOBOARD Project by Sustainable Surf helps the board-riding community to build, buy, and ride high-performance sustainable boards. Much more than just the ‘ECOBOARD label’ found on boards from the world’s best surf brands, the ECOBOARD Project educates and engages individuals about the environmental impacts of their lifestyle through the lens of their surfboard. To learn more about The ECOBOARD Project please visit: